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Port Forwarding
Access internal resources on your LAN from a remote location securely.

Access resources on internal networks with added security and privacy behind Windscribe’s network.

Connect Remotely - Securely

Port Forwarding allows you to access services on your computer or home network remotely, while connected to Windscribe.

Supported Services

A small sampling of supported services: Plex Server, NAS, Home Security Systems such as Ring and Blink, Web Servers

Your Connection is Protected

You can remain connected in our apps and gain all the benefits.

Free DDoS Protection

If you get DDoSed, our servers will shield you from any attack.

Your external IP is not exposed

You no longer need to use your ISP assigned IP to access the resource.

Set Up Port Forwarding
By the way

All Pro users have access to ephemeral port forwarding. To get permanent port forwarding, you have to purchase a Static IP.

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